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Economic, fast and accurate genome analysis software solution. 

BALSA/ELSA allows organisations to analyse data quickly without additional investments in large computing systems. 


Takes only 4.08 hours to process a 50-fold whole genome sequence (WGS) sample, or 10 minutes for a 200-fold whole exome sequence (WES) sample. 


Validation with the NIST Genome In A Bottle standard demonstrates that BALSA/ELSA has the highest combined sensitivity and specificity.


Outputs variants in VCF, alignment results in SAM/BAM format and stores a SNAPSHOT for efficient storage and indexing.

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Hardware-software solution for next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis


Helicube schedules and spreads out jobs to the worker units in the cluster. It then executes the jobs in parallel to achieve horizontal scalability.


Helicube can adapt new analysis tools and configure them to run on its platform.

System Management

Monitor system health, loading speed and utilisation using Helicube's administration panel. 

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BGI Online

Analyse, store and share
your genomics data securely.

BGI Online helps you to do genome sequencing and analysis projects, while eliminating software setup and file transfer logistics.

It is a secure cloud platform for bioinformaticians to advance life-saving research.

Big Data

Access the world’s largest repository of genetic data.

Design Analysis

Create your own pipelines or use our best practices. 

Share Findings

Share your findings to clients and peers. 

Visualise Results

Visualise your results using database.bio.

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Genome analysis visualised.

database.bio delivers genomic insights into genetics research and everyday medical practice through flexible, robust and secure web application.


database.bio uses a configurable decision tree to help rapidly prioritise genetic variants into five pathogenicities.


Each genetic variant is presented with human-readable annotations with links to external supporting evidence.


Includes over 30 databases and 120 annotation types for analysing panel, exome, or genome variants.

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